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  • Shoulders, Arms & Neck Specific Content
  • Corrective Exercise & P-Rehab Video Library
  • Educational Tutorials On Anatomy & Movement
  • Lifetime Access To All Current And Future Content
  • Mobility, Stability, Flexibility & Strength Tutorials
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Why Should You Invest In The OMNI P-rehab Series?

All of our programs have been designed to provide education on holistic (p)rehab, movement optimization & anatomy. We aim to cover a wide range of injuries and teach our members about the complexity of the connections in the human body, via practical and visual education in the form of video tutorials on corrective exercise, muscle activation, mobility, stability, flexibility, strength, power & 3D/body art anatomy lectures.

Lifetime Access

Once you sign up, you will receive lifetime access to all current and future content. You will not have to pay extra for any new content added to the course.

100+ Exercise & Anatomy Videos

Each program houses a library with 100+ exercise variations showing beginner, intermediate & advanced variations.

30-Minute Zoom Consultation

You will receive a 30-minute consultation with one of our experts, where you can ask any questions you have about the course.

FREE Access To Posture Course

When you purchase any of the main 4 courses, you will also receive our Posture Program as a FREE Bonus.

Single Login For All Courses

If you decide to purchase more than one course, you will be able to access all of them from a single login.

No extra charge for new uploads

We like to update the library of our courses on a regular basis, at no extra price for you.

Here is what you get

Lifetime Access To The Shoulders, Arms & Neck™

The following will give you a breakdown of what you can expect from the course

Anatomy is the secret

3D & Body Art Anatomy Lectures

Most injuries can be explained once you understand the anatomy behind them and then use that knowledge to increase performance.

  • Injury Explanation & Breakdown
  • Muscle activation education
  • Discover injury patterns
No such a thing as bad posture?

Specific Mobility, Stability, Strength & Flexibility Drills

Our library is extensive and covers ALL aspects of Rehab and Movement. It also educates on the difference between movement & exercise, as not all movement is exercise 😉

  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Bodyweight, Bands & Weight
  • Optimal muscle activation
The complex Shoulders, Arms & Neck™

Stretching is almost NEVER the solution!

We will teach you how to target weak muscles, identify their lack of function and optimize their performance.

  • Assess muscle weakness
  • Learn to target all muscles
  • Variations for all levels

Claim your posture program today!

Buy any of the 4 main omni p-rehab series and receive free access to the Posture optimisation program.

  • Posture correction videos
  • Lifetime access
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced programs

People Love Our Programs

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Testimonial 01
Excellent program. Brad is someone who knows what hes talking about. My physio only advised me to work on strengthening muscles but Brad opened my eyes on why do I still have my issues. He tailored me a program where I need to work on stability, flexibility and mobility of my muscles. I can already feel the difference. Remember at the end of day its one body and Brad will make sure that having "pain" is not normal and fix it. Hes a gem amongst all of these "experts".
Thali Salah-Eddine
Testimonial 01
I purchased both the Bulletproof Back and Bulletproof Shoulder programs, and they have been transformational. For those of us who like to be educated as to why we do certain movements, there is plenty of information through videos and lessons about the body. For those who just want clear instructions as to what exercises to do can skip straight to videos that clearly explain and show the movements necessary to relieve pain and prevent injury.
Brandon Yellow Robe
Testimonial 01
I've used many physios in my time and Brad is one of the top ones! He is really conscientious, spending the time to really understand how he can help you...be that for an injury, rehabilitation or preventative work. He can attack issues from different approaches; soft tissue work, mobilisation, gym floor exercises, stuff you can do at home etc. That's why I would recommend him to anyone; from the casual gym goer to office workers to the athlete who needs a frequent touch up.
Lawrence PK Cheung
Testimonial 01
I have come to learn a few major points in life. 1. invest in your Self 2. find someone who can accelerate the learning curve. 3. Be comitted to action because knowing doest help you. After talking with Brad and review the budle program! I know it was a great choice. The value and knowledge and detailed instructions of this program are excellent. Now I have to hold my self accountable and take action. Omni Body Healthcare and Brads team..... Thank You ..... this is awesome!
Victor Davanzo
Testimonial 01
Brad is highly professional, reliable, and caring practitioner. His knowledge, and treatment skills are always next to none. He takes time to treat, educate, and support you whether it be rehab, movement proficiency or taking care of an injury or imbalance. He has helped me to maintain training intensity and remain injury free during my competition preparations. I highly recommend!!
Katie Ball
Testimonial 01
I purchased both the Spine and Knee bulletproof and I must say I was enthusiastic about both of them. Brad is highly qualified and his explenation of the human body digs deep into the dynamics of human kinetics and offers a wide options of drills, exercises, most of them extremely new and interesting, to approach the physical training from a preventive and rehab perspective. Highly recommended.
Cristiano Fubiani

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Shoulders, Arms & Neck™
Prices are in USD.
Features include:
  • Shoulders, Arms & Neck™ Specific Exercises & Techniques
  • 100+ Corrective Exercise Video Tutorials & Guidance
  • Educational Tutorials On Anatomy & Movement
  • Lifetime Access To All Current And Future Content
  • Mobility, Stability, Flexibility & Strength Tutorials
  • 30 Day Money Back Policy
  • BONUS 1: Online Consultation (30-minutes Over Zoom)
  • BONUS 2: On-Going Support & Guidance
  • BONUS 3: Access To Bulletproof Posture Mini-Course
  • BONUS 4: No Extra Charge For New Content Uploads
  • Pay With Card or PayPal
Committed to excellence

Zoom consult with Brad included

We like to talk to our customers, so in these 30 minutes, we can either build you a tailor made rehab plan to follow, or help you build one for a client of yours.

  • Personalised plan
  • Education
  • Client advise
  • Session recording
  • Invaluable experience
Features avatar
Brad provides fantastic in-depth and client-specific case studies to bring anatomy and pain/injury prevention/prehab to life.
Micheal - Fitness Trainer

Who Is This For?

Suitable To Anyone Interested In Learning More About The Human Anatomy, Corrective Exercise, P-Rehab, Muscle Activation, Optimal Movement & More...

1. Health Pros & Coaches

PTs, Coaches, Therapists & all other healthcare professionals will gain knowledge from our courses.

2. Fitness Enthusiasts

Keep yourself injury free, treat a current injury or learn how to train optimally - this course will help you do that.

3. Students

Learn practical skills and theory that takes years to develop outside of uni.


Rehab doesn't have to be boring!

One of our main goals is education. If a person understands all aspects of an injury, they will have a bigger chance of actually getting to the source of it, identifying the weaknesses in the body and implementing the right strategies, in order to eliminate them.

Join the OMNI Shoulders, Arms & Neck™

Become a part of an international group of people, looking to expand their knowledge about the human body, corrective exercise and injury-free movement.

  • Access from any device
  • Updated Library
  • Lifetime access
  • P-rehab & Performance
  • Anatomy Breakdown
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testimonial image
After two weeks of working with these programs, I can already see improvement in my mobility and strength. Thanks Brad....
Shedrick Yearby / Physiotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Pay For This Product?

    You can use a normal credit/debit card, or PayPal. We have provided both options in the checkout page of the course.

  • Is This A Subscription Product?

    No, this is not a subscription. You pay once and receive lifetime access. We are also working on offering Klarna and other payment methods which allow you to split the cost in instalments.

  • Does The Course Expire After Purchase?

    No, once you sign up you will receive lifetime access to all current and future content. You will not have to pay extra for any new content added to the course.

  • Is There Anyone To Talk To If I Have Any Questions?

    Yes! We offer guidance and support for all members. If you have any questions, you are welcome to get in touch at [email protected]

  • Do You Have a Refund Policy?

    Yes. We have a 30-day money back policy, which can be met if a customer has completed the requirements in our

People Love Our Programs

👀 See For Yourself...

Testimonial 01
We discovered Brad and Omni body Healthcare during the lockdown of 2020. We are massage and yoga practitioners and we wanted to improve our human anatomy and physiology knowledge. We can't rate Brad's Hips, Back and Spine and the Shoulders and Neck courses highly enough. His attention to detail and comprehensive instructions in mobility, stability, flexibility and strength training are immensely valuable. The anatomy software that he uses makes understanding the structures of the human body so accessible, it really brings it to life.
Miranda Manning Press
Testimonial 01
As a Soft Tissue Therapist I found all the courses extremely helpful and rich of knowledge for a small price. The anatomy videos are detailed and easy to follow, even though if you dont have basic anatomy knowledge you might not be able to keep up with some names or concepts, they still very enjoyable for both professionals or just people wanting to learn something more about human-movement. I personally found very helpful the "nerves sections". Brad is very passionate and keeps things easy, the best part, which anyone can fully benefit from.
Daniele Tissi
Testimonial 01
As a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, you are always looking for new information, tips, and lessons to advance your knowledge for yourself and for your clients. I have taken many programs from bodywork professionals, CPTs, PTs, LMTs, but the program that OMNI (Brad) has put out is incredible, the clear communication and description of the movements and techniques are the best I've come across. The bulletproof your back, spine, and hips program is a reference that I go back to many times throughout the week for a refresher.
Richard Sheeran
Testimonial 01
I was immediately drawn to Brads teaching and methods on social media. Clear, down to earth and really personable. I needed a reliable resource I could use for my Personal Training clientele, most of whom present with some sort of movement or mobility issue. Im always happy to refer clients to specialists, but I wanted to offer them more self-help before they had to pay to see a physio etc. Brads courses were perfect, so I bought the bundle of all three! Better still, I had a free 30 minutes to speak to the man himself.
Hermina Campbell
Testimonial 01
Brad's content is useful, easy to follow and relevant to anyone like myself who works with bodies on a daily basis or who likes to nerd out on anatomy in their free time. The variety of options with workouts, variations based on difficulty, as well as showing different methods (i.e. band, bar, cables, etc.) changed up my approach to a few basic workouts and stretches. At times there are videos with the muscles, boney landmarks and tendons drawn directly on someone's body - these are great visual reminders of placement, muscle fiber direction.
Kit Kat
Testimonial 01
I started to work with Brad 3 months ago and enjoyed every session. He really listened to what I needed, wanted, and to what I was feeling. My body changed drastically and he truly empowered me on many levels. He creates circuits and exercises, experiments new things, which are never boring. He is passionate about his job, truly, and that is just amazing to be followed and encouraged by someone like that. For the first time, I laughed a lot going to the gym, while he was pushing my limits further. Thank you so much for these 3 months.
Audrey Vanleeuw
Testimonial 01
I started training with Brad to get into shape before my wedding, the lbs had crept on and I was lacking in motivation and the confidence to get myself back into the gym. Brad instantly put me at ease and is encouraging and patient in his training (even with someone like me who has little co-ordination!). Every session is something different and Brad is constantly introducing new exercises and movements which keeps the sessions interesting and fun, who knew that I would end up loving weight lifting!
Vicky Ferris
Testimonial 01
Best sports therapist I know. I would recommend anyone to book into the omni body healthcare clinic. Not only do you get a HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL treatment and service but you are also given an understanding of what caused your injury/plateau in health/fitness. The vast knowledge and practical experience of omni body clinic allows a RAPID, EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF INJURY. I have learned so much from omni body clinic in the Importance of recovery, biomechanics (human posture, movement etc)...
Testimonial 01
After struggling with multiple injuries since the last 5 years and not really getting any answers / relief from visitng multiple physios, sports doctors , oesteopaths, I bought a combo of bulletproof knees, ankle and feet + bulletproof back, spine and hips. The content is just amazing. Brad really knows what he is talking about and you also learn a lot about your body with the 3D anatomy section and potential reasons for your injury and pain.
Akshat Narang

The OMNI Method was born and developed in the United Kingdom, but it has now become global!

Trace our story below for more information on how our founder, Brad started and grows the company.

The seed

Opens first sports injury clinic in Manchester, UK

My journey began in the United Kingdom where I opened my first clinic in a performance centre in Manchester.

New features

Opens Second Sports Injury Clinic & Starts Teaching

I spent 4 years working with patients and seeing over 2000 people. After that came a time for me to open a second location & hire people.


Start developing OMNI P-rehab series

Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced my clinics shut, but also gave birth to the OMNI P-rehab series!

Huge milestone

Brand new platform & almost 10000 members

We are now on the verge of reaching 10000 customers for the last 4 years and are working on developing new products every year.

Our Methods Are Unique And Developed Through Years Of Working With People

Learn more about the OMNI philosophy and what makes us one of the best providers out there, according to our members

Program content photo

Nobody really explains the difference

It is important for you to understand the purpose of both rehab and p-rehab. There is one major difference - rehab can be used specifically at a stage where an injury is being treated back to normal, whereas p-rehab can be used ALL the time!

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The OMNI P-rehab Series

The series consist of 4 programs, which you can learn more about below. Each product is fully online and accessible from any device and includes the following:

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